David Gonzalez

Founder, The Internet Marketing Party™

David is most often described as the most connected man in digital marketing.

It wasn’t a title he chose, it was one that people kept calling him.

David enjoys turning relationships into cash—as long as everyone is winning!

And because of his 10+ years of dealing with affiliates, affiliate launches, and affiliate management in the thriving online marketing and “infomarketing” community, he has developed hundreds of key relationships with the top affiliates and super affiliates in multiple industries.

He’s been involved in and assisted in the success of multiple million-dollar launches and never stops being amazed as he sees the sales flood in, when one of the affiliates he brought on board broadcasts to their audience.

He has an affiliate management agency called The David Gonzalez Agency.

But he is most known for being the founder of The Internet Marketing Party™.

Which he did after realizing how many internet millionaires lived in his hometown of Austin, TX. He has been hosting these monthly business networking events, for over 10 years without a miss, with the first one starting in September of 2008.

Now he hosts them in other cities, with one of these parties bringing together over 1,300 attendees who pay up to $200 to get in the door.

What makes these events a bonus for David and his vast network is that he invites a brilliant thought leader on his stage every month and develops strategic relationships with them so they know, like and trust him. This translates into loyal trust, which is key for an affiliate manager.

“Connecting the right people to the right opportunities is my art, it’s my gift.”

In his personal time, David goes to outdoor music festivals, travels to conferences, trains in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and is father to 17-year-old Eirene. He is madly in love Holley, with his gorgeous wife of 20 years.