Brian Massey

Brian Massey

Conversion Scientist

Brian Massey founded Conversion Sciences in 2007, one of the first agencies focused exclusively on website optimization. Today he teaches marketers how to integrate behavioral science into their everyday work. He’s seen the results of thousands of tests, and draws helpful and entertaining advice from this experience for online marketers in any industry.

The days of the “Launch and See” campaign are over. It is now cheaper to collect and use behavioral data than it is not to. Every marketer and business owner has a behavioral scientist in them and website optimizer Brian Massey is going to make you friends with new, cheap tools that you can use right from your desk.

How to Build a Killer Social Landing Page Using Science

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You’re getting the clicks, but you’re not getting the leads and sales. Brian Massey can tell you why. A Social Media Landing Page is different from any other kind of webpage you will create. A social landing page has two very specific jobs, and if it fails to do either of these, it will suffer […]