Amanda Horvath

Video Marketer, Amanda Horvath

Amanda Horvath is a seasoned Video Marketer and Producer. She is dedicated to helping business owners leverage the power of video, without breaking the bank or taking up tons of their time.

As a producer, Amanda works side by side with business owners to create videos that drive sales. How? She first optimizes your website with a Brand Video to ensure your audience clearly understands what you offer, for who, and what step they need to take first. Once this key video is created, she analyzes your marketing and sales funnel and builds a custom content strategy that fits your budget, while hitting your goals.

In attempt to serve more people, she produces weekly tutorials on Video Marketing and runs a monthly DIY Brand Video workshop. In this two weekend workshop, five people come together to write, shoot and edit their brand videos.

If you’re looking to use video in your strategy this year, be sure to subscribe to her channel and get caught up on what is working in video marketing and how to implement it in your business: