Brennan Agranoff

Founder & CEO, HoopSwagg

Rhonda Britten

Founder, CEO & Master Coach, Fearless Living Institute

Alex Brown

Co-Founder, The Beard Club

Kate Buck Jr.

Co-Founder, Social Media Pro

Courtney Byrd

VP of Strategy, Best Practice Media

Carly Carson

Social Account Supervisor, PMG Advertising Agency

Jade Darmawangsa

Founder & CEO, PBJ App

Alexis Davis

Founder, The Content Plug

Rachel Denton

Marketing Operations Manager, Civitas Learning

Rob Dial

Founder & Host, MWFmotivation Podcast

Jesse Doubek

Co-Founder & CEO, Doubek Digital Media

Joel Erway

Founder, The Webinar Agency & Experts Unleashed

Liz Feezor

Founder, Liz Feezor Creative

David Fossas

Senior Director of Brand, WP Engine

Tim Francis

Founder, Great Assistant

Meredith Gonsalves

Global Manager, Digital & Social Media Strategy, Deloitte

David Gonzalez

Founder, The Internet Marketing Party™

Swish Goswami

Founder & CEO, Trufan

Lyn Graft

Founder, Storytelling for Entrepreneurs

James Guldan

CEO, Vision Tech Team

Tisha Holman

Founder & CEO, Mind Your Business, LLC

Amanda Horvath

Video Marketer, Amanda Horvath

Jesse Jameson

CEO, Social Media Pro

Jared Kleinert

Founder, Meeting of the Minds

Ben Kniffen

Co-Founder & President, LinkedSelling

Nicholas Kusmich

Director & Chief Strategist, NicholasKusmich.com

Joshua B. Lee

Founder, StandOut Authority

Rachel (Braunstein) Lee

Podcast Host, Microsoft Partner Network

Ryan Levesque

CEO, The ASK Method®

Ron Lynch

Creative Director, Big Baby Agency

Curt Maly

Co-Founder & Facebook Advertising Expert, Black Box Social Media

Brad Martineau

CEO, SixthDivision

Cynthia Martinez

Digital Strategist, Elizabeth Christian Public Relations (ECPR)

Brian Massey

Founder, Conversion Sciences

Jaime Masters

CEO, Eventual Millionaire

Maggie Gentry Miller

Founder, Maggie Gentry

Marcus Murphy

Director of Monetization, DigitalMarketer

Lianna Patch

Conversion Copywriter, Punchline Conversion Copywriting

Re Perez

CEO & Founder, Branding for the People

Thanh Pham

Founder, Asian Efficiency

Tiffany Scott

Founder, Sister Suppers

David Shapiro

Real Estate Investor, eXp Realty

Craig Watkins

Professor & Founding Director, Institute for Media Innovation

Travis White

Founder, Unkept Gentleman

Claire Winslow

Founder & President, Best Practice Media

Rachel Youens

CEO, The FOMO Factory