Patty Suarez

Founder & CEO, Savor Social

Patty Suarez is the founder and CEO of Savor Social, a digital marketing & PR agency based out of Austin, Texas. Savor Social specializes in helping hospitality brands develop and grow their online presence.

Prior to creating Savor Social, Patty ingrained herself in the startup communities of both Austin, Texas and Raleigh, North Carolina through high-growth tech accelerators like Capital Factory and HQ Raleigh. In her free time, Patty also runs ieatyoufollow, an Austin-based food and travel blog. Through managing her blog, she has spent time with business owners in the hospitality space and fell in love with their passion, drive, and energy. She found that helping these owners to realize their brand and promote it digitally was truly a passion project for her. So Patty started her agency to do just that: help small business owners create an appetite for their brand. Since then, she’s worked with multiple business owners in Austin to develop innovative, high-impact communications marketing programs and leverage them to reach new customers.