Joshua B Lee

Joshua B Lee

Founder, Monstapreneur

Joshua is the Founder of Monstapreneur, a consulting firm for 7 figure+ businesses to help achieve explosive growth through marketing automation and social selling. Over the last decade he has managed over $100 million in online ad spend and controlled over 30 trillion online impressions.   As the author of the book, “Balance is Bullsh*t,” he believes that work-life balance is a myth. His belief is that we don’t have two separate lives just as we don’t have two different personalities. As a father of two, having an integrated life based on vision, relationships, health and business, has allowed him to achieve his dreams.

The Power of LinkedIn and Social Selling

The Refinery

74% of consumers rely on social networks to guide purchase decisions, yet 77% of buyers don’t believe sales understands their business. We must use a new approach to build your authority on social.  With over 500M members, 7M companies, 10B skills endorsements and 8M weekly shares, the power of LinkedIn is unmatched. In this hands-on […]