Hayley Swindell

Hayley Swindell

Founder, The Refinery

Hayley, the founder and CEO of The Refinery, is a passionate eater of tacos (and all the queso), lover of the smell of pages from old books, enjoyer of a good old fashioned, and lover of Austin (more than she can emphasize in a paragraph). Guess you will just have to stop by The Refinery and say hey to learn more! You can pretty much always find her buzzing around The Refinery so stop in anytime or drop her a cheeky line so you can set up a coffee (or a queso) date!

Hone Your Instagram Style

The Refinery

Ready for a refresh? Or needing something new to share on Instagram that isn’t your cup of coffee and an artistically styled stack of pencils? If you’re ready to be Insta-inspired, then join The Refinery founder Hayley Swindell and A Taste of Koko blogger Jane Ko to learn how to master the flat lay and […]