Brandon Myers

Brandon Myers


Brandon Myers owns and operates his own affiliate publishing properties. In addition to his own online marketing, his current consulting portfolio includes business specializing in consumer health, employment, and news media.  Brandon’s business operates at
Myers is the former Affiliate Director for Capital Factory’s own Aceable. He also was employed for several years as Head of Affiliate Maketing for His projects have generated over 250,000 unique sales transactions online in just four years.
Myers is an avid affiliate blogger.  His career has been devoted to understanding performance marketing models and where they fit in with today’s shopper.  He defines his practices by understanding human reactions to messages and what makes buyers convert.  By leveraging data, highly refined tracking tools, and a knowledge of how brands grow through third parties, Myers has been highly successful in curating a mix of marketing channels. He is known for driving macro and micro growth, increasing conversion, and creating brand awareness for early stage startups.

E-commerce for Publishers, Content Creators, and Digital Professionals

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The way people discover, research, and purchase products is changing faster than ever before.  Ecommerce’s growth has been explosive, and over the next five years it is expected to account for more than 20% of total retail sales. Social media has become a driving force of this change. What opportunities are there for publishers, brands, […]