Sessions 2019

Sessions dates and times will be announced February 11, 2019.

8 Figure Content Marketing – Building a Celebrity Status Brand to Explode Your Revenue
Alex Brown

This session is designed to unlock the tactics used by global brands to create communities of raving fans and repeat customers. Alex will walk through an analysis of how to create a memorable and incredible brand experience through the use of effective content marketing. These tactics hold the keys to creating truly memorable experiences in the minds of customers, which unlocks incredibly low customer acquisition costs and very high customer retention rates.

How to Audit Returns from Your Social Media Past
Alexis Davis

Audits aren’t just for taxes! In this age of instant virality coupled with the ease of finding a piece of content from any time period, individuals and businesses of any size must learn how to clean up and reformat their brand for changing times. In this session, attendees will learn about the importance of a social brand audit and discover the tools necessary to deduct old social media posts, bring new life to old content, and better align with their mission and goals.

Create Videos that Drive Sales
Amanda Horvath

Are you looking for a way to increase sales and enhance your lead generation? You will not want to miss this talk. Most business owners waste valuable time and resources making videos that achieve little to no impact.
Discover how to leverage the full power of video and boost your return on investment (ROI).

How to Craft an Individualized Online Experience that Dramatically Increases Conversions and Creates Raving Fans
Austin Distel

Over the next 10-years, my big bet I’m putting all my chips on is the future of online commerce will become more individual, light-weight, and ultimately focus on creating a delightful experience worth talking about. When you accomplish these 3 things, conversion increases, lifetime value goes up, and your customers become a powerful driver of growth. In this session, Austin will pull in real-life experiences and data-proven examples so you can use these strategies practically in your business.

PANEL: The Renaissance of Organic Social
Belle Hunter, Caitlin Williamson, Jane KoMairin Heard AnnenRafiq el Arculli 

If you thought organic social was dead, you (and everyone else) were wrong. The game is changing again – brand social pages are evolving into preferred front doors to businesses and engagement is shifting to new content formats, like Stories and groups. Come hear this hot take on the future of social media from brands and products with a front row seat.

The 3-Pillar LinkedIn Ads System
Ben Kniffen

The new LinkedIn ad platform is killing it. In this session, you’ll learn the 3 unique playbooks that LinkedSelling has developed, and is seeing 807% ROI with (at a high level of ad spend). Using this system, you can quickly turn on a flood of new & profitable leads, clients, brand awareness & followers, high-ticket sales appointments, and more.

Conversion Optimization for Content Marketers
Brian Massey

Content marketing is the soil in which inbound marketing grows. It is a beacon for the search engines and the source of valuable, lead-generating content. And developing content is expensive. We can only justify creating more content if we can increase the revenue generated for each content visitor. Enter Conversion Rate Optimization, or CRO.

Conversion optimization is a discipline designed to deliver more leads, subscribers and customers from the traffic your content is earning. This workshop will show content marketers how to maximize the revenue that flows from their content efforts.

1. The chemistry of a lead-generating content page

2. Adding calls to action to content pages

3. How to use heatmaps and user testing to evaluate web pages

4. Get a professional critique of your content pages

Why You Should Listen to Strangers on the Internet: Utilizing Online Feedback to Make Better Business Decisions
Brittany Shulman

Social media is the new frontier for customer satisfaction, engagement, and feedback. Understanding how to communicate with your customers, learn from their comments, and provide a 5-star experience online is the key to building customer loyalty and controlling the online conversation around your brand. You’ll learn how to understand your customers’ online comments and in turn, use this new information to make improvements in your business.

PANEL: Bringing the Social Back to Media | Creating Scale with a 1:1 Engagement Strategy
Candice GarciaDevon WijesinghePeggy Gardner

Social media is the new frontier for customer satisfaction, engagement, and feedback. Understanding how to communicate with your customers, learn from their comments, and provide a 5-star experience online is the key to building customer loyalty and controlling the online conversation around your brand. You’ll learn how to understand your customers’ online comments and in turn, use this new information to make improvements in your business.

Working with What You’ve Got: How to Leverage User Data
Carly Carson

Studies come out daily documenting consumers’ video watch length time, follower-to-like ratios and post engagement vs. impressions. Many brands struggle with converting consumer data to positive brand changes. Now that we have more user data at our disposal than ever before, companies need to master perfecting user experience without invading their privacy.

How To Crowdfund An 8 Figure Global Brand With $0 In Capital Investment
Cathryn Lavery

You’re crowdfunding it all wrong! Most crowdfunding campaigns spend everything they’ve got to launch 1 product, but this keynote will show you the difference between those that launch a single product, and those who spark a brand that spans the globe.

Aimed at those armed to the teeth with ideas but lacking the tools (and funding) to make it a reality, you’ll discover how to use crowdfunding platforms to inject your business with enough capital to churn out crowd-pleasing products for years to come.

The State of Social Media 2019
Claire Winslow

From Cambridge-Analytica to GDPR, algorithm updates to API changes, Stories to IGTV — 2018 brought significant changes to social media and digital marketing. In her annual keynote, Claire will discuss some of the year’s most memorable events and their impact on the social landscape.

Driving Conversions with Facebook Ad Funnels
Claire Winslow

“Facebook ads just don’t work for our company.” Our agency hears this over and over again from frustrated folks who have spent thousands of dollars on paid social advertising with little to no measurable return. From small business to Fortune 500, Claire and Courtney will give you valuable insight into avoiding costly mistakes and leave you with tactical takeaways to implement with any ad budget.

WORKSHOP: Reputation Matters: How a Clear Brand Message Can Help Influencers Monetize
Corrin FosterKristin Sheppard

Your reputation as an influencer matters and having a clear brand message is paramount to driving content, vetting monetization opportunities, and maintaining trust with your community. In this workshop, we’ll be showing you how to hone in on your brand message, exploring monetization opportunities and how to determine which are a fit for your brand, and sharing best practices for disclosure as you grow your sphere of influence.

Learn How Facebook Will Market Your Business For as Little as $1 per Day
Curt Maly

It’s not about large budgets or even the greatest “hook in the ad copy” any more. The Facebook algorithm and the Facebook pixel are the 2 smartest online marketers in the WORLD. For as little as $1 per day you can unlock this highly accurate marketing machine.

Digital Organizing When (It Seems Like) Everybody Hates You
Cynthia Martinez

Come learn how MLS2ATX, the campaign to bring Major League Soccer to Austin, built a website, social media communities and an email list from the ground up. Find out how these digital efforts used online listening, pixels, data collection, custom audiences, organic posts and paid ads to organize supporters in spite of overwhelming negativity and criticism online, cultivating in an Austin City Council vote in favor of building a soccer stadium and bringing professional sports to the city.

Marketing 3.0: How To Win In The Experience Era
Dave Rogenmoser

Marketing as we know it is on life support. The marketers that win over the next decade won’t be focused on funnels, retargeting, or conversion rate optimization. Rather, all the spoils will go to those that are obsessed with creating delightful experiences for each individual customer. Come learn how we are creating delightfully human experiences at scale through Customer Powered Marketing.

Entertain Me or Else: How Gen Z is Changing Everything
David Fossas

Are you listening? Internet trends may seem random or fleeting, but why does a yodeling Walmart boy, the floss or the Kiki Challenge become hot? It’s largely due to the influence of the next generation of consumers, Gen Z. If you’re not adapting your digital strategy, you will become obsolete. Based on research conducted by WP Engine on what different generations expect from the Internet, in this session, David Fossas will share how Gen Z will change the future of the web with their evolving expectations of brand interactions. After this session, you’ll be able to:

– Understand how the shift from inform to entertain driven by a digital dependence can impact your brand

– Rethink your digital experience as the human experience

– Have a framework to create a predictive personalized digital experience

The 7 Most Expensive Mistakes Business Owners Make
David Shapiro

Have any of the following questions crossed your mind…
– How much should I be re-investing into the business vs pulling out for myself?
– How much should I be charging clients?
– Is it time to hire help? Should they be a 1099 or W-2?
– I know how much I want to earn but how do I get there?
– Taxes!?!

If so, then this is the session for you. David has helped thousands of business owners get a better grasp of their finances. From identifying expenses that can be eliminated to figuring out what legal/tax structure is right for you, this session will dive into the nitty gritty of business finances giving you actionable tips that will lead to an immediate boost to your bottom line.

“If we command our wealth, we shall be rich and free. If our wealth commands us, we are poor indeed.” – Edmund Burke

The Art of Making People CURSE: How to Communicate Your Ideas in a Way That Makes People Care, Understand, Remember, Share & Engage.
Elijah May

I originally created and taught this course for the HR team at a Fortune 500 company because they were struggling to communicate effectively with their employees. I’ve since adapted it for companies competing in pitch competitions and they have gone on to win hundreds of thousands of dollars. In fact, no one has lost yet. If someone you know is struggling to get their ideas across, bring them – and all of your questions – to this session. I promise, we’ll learn some things together and have some fun along the way.

How to Crawl into Your Customer’s Ear: #VoiceFirst Marketing
Emily Binder

Smart speakers including Amazon Echo and Google Home are the fastest growing consumer technology ever. They outpaced smartphones two years ago. We are on the cusp of the #VoiceFirst era, and how brands reach customers will radically change.

Voice technology is in its infancy today but will become our primary and preferred interface. Just as cell phones evolved from simple bricks to powerful pocket screens, smart speakers and the voice assistants that power them will change the way we compute, learn, and buy all over again. Embrace voice thoughtfully or fall behind.

For marketers, understanding the importance of voice search for SEO is the first technical step. But strategically providing value and differentiation sonically will be necessary to compete, just like social media has been in the last five years. Hear how great brands have harnessed sound and find out what you can do now to stay relevant.

How to Solve Your Number One Business Problem Now
Jaime Masters

As a business owner you are an amazing problem solver. So amazing that you’ve most likely set yourself up to solve the same type of problems over and over again.You know systems are important, but they tend to fall to a lower priority than cashflow and sales. In this workshop style session, let us help you solve the biggest issue in your business that is stressing you out. We will help you brainstorm, then identify your priority problem and figure out what the root of that issue is.

(And if you still aren’t sure –  we’ll walk you through one of the most common problems we see with small businesses)

We will take you through our signature method to figure out the best solution then create a system and workflow to prevent issues in the future.

How The top 1% of People Selling Online Build An Automated Marketing Funnel That Scales Profitably
James Guldan

Have you ever tried to copy someone else’s funnel and didn’t get the results you were looking for? Have you ever tried to just fill in your content on a Clickfunnels Template and didn’t make the 7 figures you were looking for?

Most companies that build sales funnels have copied someone else’s funnel without understanding WHY it works. The real secret from the Top 1% of people selling online is understanding the fundamentals of Marketing and Psychology.

James will go through the way his company creates automated marketing funnels that scale profitably with some of the biggest names in internet marketing and how you can do this yourselves.

How To Build A World-Class Network In Record Time (Hosted by USA Today’s “Most Connected Millennial”)
Jared Kleinert

Serial entrepreneur, TED speaker, and award-winning author Jared Kleinert shares his step-by-step process for identifying, connecting with, and befriending hundreds of the world’s top thought leaders, high-growth entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 C-suite executives, and other influencers from all walks of life. If you only attend ONE session on the opening day of Social Media Week, join us for this practical discussion so you can generate massive ROI from your investment of time, money, and energy in attending this week’s conference (and any other high-ticket event or mastermind summit you decide to go to in 2019).

Here’s What You’ll Learn In This Session:
– How To Choose Which Events, Conferences, and Masterminds To Attend in 2019 To Get The Highest ROI For Your Time, Money, and Business Growth.
– How To Accelerate Your Personal and Professional Goals By Surrounding Yourself With World-Class Entrepreneurs and Subject Matter Experts Who Will Hold You Accountable And WANT To See You Succeed.
– Why Most Advice on “”Networking”” is BS, and How To Determine Which Communities Are Worth Joining (and Which Are Total Time-Wasters.)
My 3 Step Process For Building A World-Class Network In Record Time – Regardless Of Where You’re At With Your Business Or Where You Live In The World.
– How To Not Only Meet, But Build Meaningful Connections and Business Partnerships with Billionaires, Former Fortune 500 C-Suite Executives, #1 New York Times bestselling authors, and Other Influencers You Follow Online (And Where They Spend Their Weekends…)

Is Anyone Seeing This? Promoting Your Videos with YouTube Advertising
Jared ScottNatalia Wulfe

Social media platforms are embracing (and even preferring) video content more and more. But, let’s re-focus on the ORIGINAL social video platform – YouTube! Whether your goal is to drive sales or promote your own personal channel, don’t let your video content collect dust in a dark corner of the web. Let the world see it! In this session, you’ll learn the practical insights you need to get started with YouTube advertising. We’ll cover audience targeting, ad formats, success metrics and much more!

The 5 Systems to Landing Bigger Agency Retainers with the Clients You Want
Jason Swenk

If you are a digital agency or service-based business, you will discover how to sell bigger retainers, increase your chances of winning by 20X, and cut your closing cycle by 50%.

Launch Your Expert Business Like A Pro
Jesse Doubek

Jesse will teach you the 3 phases of the expert business launch model: phone call funnels, digital sales machine, and monthly management.

Designed to get you more phone leads, automate course sales, and build your brand with monthly engaged social media content and paid traffic, this seesion is for any entrepreneur interested in building their business using smart advertising, powerful content, and automated sales funnels.

How to Generate Leads and Sales with Webinars
Joel Erway

Webinars are a powerful marketing tool. Done properly they can attract your highest quality customers and clients in mass. Discover a simple way to craft your message, excite your audience, and motivate them to take the next steps with you. With this methodology, Joel has helped his clients generate tens of millions of dollars with webinar marketing.

How to Rock Your Brand’s Social Media Presence on LinkedIn (And Beyond)
Joshua B. Lee

There’s never been a more exciting time to be in social media. In this session learn how to tell your brand’s story on LinkedIn. Social media management tips, taken from years of working with clients on LinkedIn. And how to drive real business impact with your LinkedIn Page. To put it simply, I’ve put in the work to make sure that you (and your brand) can succeed on the world’s largest professional network. Armed with this comprehensive session, I hope to help you elevate the profile of your brand on LinkedIn and beyond!

Social Media Pro Strategy: The Essential Elements
Kate Buck Jr.

In this session, we will cover how to create an effective social media strategy for yourself or your clients!

We will cover the essential elements that are key for every business, including:

– The Six Critical Branding Components
– The Three Phases of Content Research & Planning
– Distributing Content Across the Social Channels
– Which are the best media types of types of content to post?
– How to repurpose one piece of content to fill your editorial calendar each week!
– Applying the Social Funnel – Inspire, Engage, Invite!
– Generating Traffic, Leads and Sales through an integrated Paid and Organic approach

How to Be Funny (Even If You’re Not): Comedy-Inspired Copywriting Tips
Lianna Patch

You know your success depends on keeping users and customers around in the long term… but how do you do it?

Knock knock. Who’s there? HUMOR.

I’ll show you why and how you can get started using humor in your marketing copy — from humor’s actual effects on the brain to line-level copy changes that anyone on your team can use to write funnier, higher-converting copy.

Who Are You? Using Business Principles to Tell Your Story
Liz Feezor

We’ve all heard someone say, “I’m not the same person at work that I am at home and in my personal life.” But here’s the thing: YOU ARE! We are all multifaceted, complex humans with needs and desires that transcend a résumé. In this session, we will learn how to use principles from the business world to craft a true, real, authentic story about who we are (and gets us where we want to be!)

Storytelling for Social Media: How Entrepreneurs Can Leverage Their Story to Grow Their Brand
Lyn Graft

For entrepreneurs and business owners, your story is a vital asset that should be utilized across your social media channels and in your brand messaging. In this talk, we’ll cover the reasons and practices for social media storytelling and look at examples of some of the best founders you can learn from. We’ll also dive into ideas on where to start if you’re new to social media or how to leverage storytelling to support your existing social strategy.

Speak Your Path to Cash: Instant 6 Figure Cash Infusion
Mark GraingerShannon Law

Mark & Shannon are the World’s Leading Authority on the “Business of Speaking,” helping their clients land some of the most coveted stages and media. They specifically help speakers, experts, and politicians create a movement and monetize their message. In this session, discover how to take a stand, break the rules, and make a fortune through the power of speaking.

Own Your Why®: Infusing Intentionality into Every Interaction
Maggie Gentry Miller

In this day and age of increasingly mysterious (and rapidly changing!) algorithm updates, it can be enough to make any business owner’s head spin. How do we compete in this information age? How do we possibly stand out? In this talk, we’ll explore the core tenets of what it means to Own Your Why®, and if you dare to follow its lead, you’ll find yourself rising above any perceived competition by working to radically stay true to your core purpose. We’ll challenge the status quo of how we might define success for our social media strategy, and we’ll emphasize the importance of sacred pausing before reacting in such a fast-paced world. By adopting this philosophy you can’t help but invite intentionality into every aspect of your social media presence which will translate into loyal fans and customers.

You’re Missing 80% of Your Leads if You’re Not Active on LinkedIn.
Marcus Murphy

With over 562 million people on LinkedIn the time is now to take action. This talk will take you on a journey from the why to the how and everything in between. By the end you will walk away with actionable steps and a better understanding of the steps you need to take to get the most out of this powerful platform.

The Art of “Insta-Storytelling”
Meredith Gonsalves

In an age where “real-time” content is in demand, being able to storyboard content on the spot is just as valuable a skill as writing the perfect tweet. In this session learn how to use real-time social tools like Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat to tell meaningful and intentional stories at a moment’s notice.

Reporting Methods for Measuring Social Media ROI
Meredith Gonsalves

Social Media Advertising has become more and more complex, and that’s in large part because when we’re tasked with building audiences and increasing conversations, we are also tasked with addressing the very common question – “What is the ROI of paid social”? You’ll learn how to benchmark your campaigns and understand the true return on your investment in social media advertising with specific reporting methods you can start applying right away.

Creating a Referable Brand: How to make your business referable, your message memorable, and your ideas unforgettable.
Michael Roderick

For a long time branding success has hinged on the factor of differentiation, but as markets become increasingly more sophisticated, everyone else’s “”different”” has started to feel the same. In this presentation, Michael Roderick will walk you through the next iteration of a brand’s value in terms of how often we refer to it and how easily we remember it.

In books like The Tipping Point we were introduced to the people responsible for large-scale movements and impact but never introduced to what needs to be built into our content to attract those types of people. This talk will introduce you to the three key elements responsible for some of the largest movements in history and not only give you a clearer picture of the game being played all around you but how to win it.

Influencers: Get Real
Michele Martell

From fake followers to fake sponsors to fake influencers – how to develop trust, transparency and traction whether you’re an influencer, an agency or a brand.

With a background in entertainment law that ranges from Kermit the Frog to My Little Pony to the WWE, Michele Martell currently advises clients on both sides of the influencer marketing equation. This immersive and hands-on session will focus on tackling the tough issues that face the influencer industry, and will give you specific tools to ensure compliance with FTC regulatory guidelines, manage partner/agency concerns, and build your own brand.

How to Master Focus and Transcend Overwhelm Without Losing Momentum
Molly Montgomery

Whether you are in the midst of a major product launch, racking up late nights while pushing through an intense project sprint, digging through data while planning your next big campaign, leading a rapidly growing team, or managing the pressure of life while growing your business… the ability to stay focused and at the top of your game while momentum is building around you can often feel like a far-fetched dream.

In this session you will learn the key elements to mastering focus and expanding your mental capacity, no matter how intense the pressure you are dealing with may be.

Authenticity as an Effective Marketing Strategy
Nik Sallie Franklin

Nik will reveal how to leverage authenticity as a marketing tactic to establish “know, like and trust” and convert people not only into customers, but also into raving fans who refer friends. Attendees will walk away with 3 strategies they can use immediately to identify their authentic brand voice, persona and ideal customers. As a bonus, they will have access to a complimentary download of branding resources for clarity and inspiration.

Badass Your Business: You Have More Freedom Than You Think
Pia Silva

If you’re constantly running on empty, hustling endlessly to get ahead, it’s time to rethink your strategy. Pia Silva shares how to craft a business and lifestyle without the burnout, the Badass way. She’ll share tricks that anyone can apply to their brand to increase profitability, and to their business to access the lifestyle they want. This talk is for you if you want to stand out with a Badass Brand while living a Badass Life.

How Your Brand Can Build Fans
Rachel (Braunstein) Lee

A brand is more than just a logo and tagline. A brand is what you stand for, your DNA. Your promise to your customers. Great brands, have the biggest fans. In this session, you’ll learn how to create a believable, credible and unique brand promise. You’ll hear about the journey to become a brand not just needed and wanted, but loved.

Uplevel Your Marketing with Google Analytics
Rachel Denton

Learn how to use your Google Analytics to get real insights into your website’s visitors, their behavior and any patterns and trends. You will learn the lean smart way to gain customer insights and then turn these into actions that will drive your business forward.

The Art of the Selfie Space
Rachel Youens

From the Museum of Ice Cream to Color Factory, selfie spaces are all the rage and are influencing how brands advertise and how people seek entertainment. Rachel Youens, founder of The FOMO Factory, Austin’s first selfie space, will explore the psychology of this new craze, how she has worked with influencers and brands, and what these trends mean for the future of social media marketing.

How To Elevate Your Brand and Amplify Your Marketing Efforts
Re Perez

Branding is one of the hottest topics in the business world. It’s also one of the most misunderstood. Re Perez demystifies branding and inspires every entrepreneur, business owner, and marketing team. By delivering relevant, forward-thinking ideas for the current economy, audiences learn common mistakes in brand-building, simple action steps to elevate a brand, and strategies to increase a company’s Brand Value. Using case studies, this session challenges your current thinking around branding and motivates you into action towards building a world-class brand.

In this session, you’ll learn:
– The truth about brands and branding.
– The proper sequence of building a brand.
– The distinct differences between branding, marketing, direct response, and social media.
– Pros and cons of building a company brand versus a personal brand.
– How to position your brand for market leadership.
– Common branding mistakes that negatively impact your business.
– Simple tips to elevate your brand, amplify your marketing, and grow your business.

Fearless Living: Mastering Your Brain for Effective Leadership
Rhonda Britten

Have you ever given up on a dream because fear got the best of you? You’re not alone.

Fear is insidious and a trickster. And it’s also a great teacher, if you know how toharness its power.

Rhonda Britten knows fear intimately and she is here to show you how to master the fears that have silently kept you hostage to the belief that you are “not good enough.”

Join Rhonda and gain insight into the origins of fear and the disguises it wears, how our brains are hardwired to lean on fear as well as practical solutions you can use right now to put fear in its place!

How to Grow an Authentic & Organic Social Following Through Viral Videos
Rob Dial

Learn how to build a following for yourself or your business organically without spending any money on ads. This will teach you not only how to build a following but an authentic connection with that following so that selling to them becomes easy.

The Psychology of Sales Path
Ron Lynch

In this session, you’ll learn:

– How to utilize a proven psychological sales path to monetize a product or service.
– The AD map
– Why contesting works & its purpose.
– Building unique paths for each vertical.
– The psychological framework to build your own sales argument – What’s in a TAG line.
– How to use three key questions to close a sale before you start selling
– The 15 page brief and why it’s essential- Strategic- Creative- Brand & Style Guide

Quiz Funnels! Discover How to Explode Your Email List in 2019 Modeling these 3 “ASK Method” Quizzes that have Generated over 4.2 Million Email Subscribers
Ryan Levesque

In this session, Inc. 500 CEO, #1 national best-selling author, and creator of the ASK Method®, Ryan Levesque — featured for his work in The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Forbes, and Entrepreneur — reveals three “”weird niche”” quiz funnels that have collectively generated over 4.2 Million Email Subscribers (leading to over $130 million in revenue).

You’ll discover the 5 psychological triggers behind WHY these specific quizzes have been so effective, how to come up with a “”viral hook”” for your OWN quiz, plus a BRAND NEW quiz case study that just went from 0 to 1000+ leads per day in less than 30 days (and the BIG secret behind that launch…)

ABCs of SaaS Growth
Sujan Patel

It’s more competitive than ever to grow a SaaS, let alone stand out from the crowd. Sujan has helped 27 SaaS companies grow over 300% and will distill the hard-learned lessons and 12 strategies that any SaaS company leverage to grow their business in 2019 and beyond. The strategies work no matter the size of your company, marketing budget or funding.

Panel: What Brands Need to Know to Reach the New Generation if Customers
Swish Goswami, Brennan Agranoff, Jade Darmawangsa, & Farokh Sarmad

Yesterday’s ancient campfires are today’s digital news feeds. From a 10-second snap to a 140-character tweet, social media has disrupted the way we tell stories. Today’s digital marketplace is noisier than ever and with everyone competing to share their story, storytelling has become crucial to becoming an authentic and captivating voice. This session will explore how individuals and brands can tell their story effectively to build a community of young consumers around it.

How to Grow Your Business and Career Without Giving Up on Social Media
Thanh Pham

It’s easy to waste hours on social media, get distracted and lose focus on your important work. Find out how you can still be active on social media while growing your business and career.

How to Get a Great Assistant
Tim Francis

In this session, you will learn how to develop the right vision for your assistant to make them wildly profitable for you, learn to delegate to your assistant in a way that helps you find and get rid of tasks once and for all, and discover a unique process for finding the right assistant the first time.

Excite – Engage- Elevate: The 3E Experiential Marketing Strategy
Tisha Holman

In today’s climate, digital marketing tactics have created a very noisy space. If you are looking for a way to help differentiate your brand in the digital space and at onsite events, experiential marketing needs to be a part of your strategy. Get ready to activate and engage your audience in creative and impactful ways that will take your brand and its digital marketing tactics to the next level.

– Learn what experiential marketing really is and why it is a mission-critical part of your digital & social media strategy.
– Discover how you can elevate your events through the power of highly engaging experiential activations.
– Find out how you measure the success of experiential marketing campaigns, and why collecting that data is important.
– Get the inside track on the 7 most effective experiential tactics you can use to rock out your next campaign.
– Get tools and resources you can leverage to create scalable opportunities for experiential activations.

3 Steps To Build A Hyper-Engaged “K” Sized Following On Instagram…(Organically & Bot Free in 2019)
Travis White

Instagram is a marketing TITAN. It now has 1 BILLION users worldwide and the rules have changed. If you want to grow a business on Instagram, it’s no longer about your number of followers, but how engaged they are. Whether you’re looking to use Instagram to drive more customers to your website, get more brand sponsorships as an influencer, or have a professional looking personal brand, what I’m going to share with you will help you build raving fans so you can get seen and heard on Instagram in 2019.

You’ll discover…
– Why an EGG is now the MOST LIKED photo on Instagram and what that means for how you create content for your business
– How to get over the Instagram hump of 0-9,999 followers and break 10k
– Strategies to boost a DEAD engagement rate (One of which NO ONE EVER DOES, but is VITAL)